Holiday Greeting Cards for Business

We have a beautiful selection of original Christmas and Holiday cards. Select a card and personalize it any way you want.  Plus, ground shipping is also FREE!

Click on any card to select it and see the variety of personalization options available. Use the zoom tool to show the fine detail of each design. Click on the "Add To Favorite" Empty-Star below any card to add it to Your Favorite Cards.
  • H1501

    Card # H1501

    Holiday Greeting Card with Red Snowflakes and Happy Holidays on the Front.

  • H1502

    Card # H1502

    Season's Greetings Holiday Card with a Red Bow.

  • H1503

    Card # H1503

    Happy Holidays Greeting Card with a Globe and Happy Holidays in Several Different Languages.

  • H1504

    Card # H1504

    Holiday Greeting Card with a Red Bulb Hanging from a Christmas Tree with the Message...It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year.

  • H1505

    Card # H1505

    A Holiday Greeting Card with an Image of a Christmas Tree with Ornaments and Holiday Messages.

  • H1506

    Card # H1506

    A Season's Greetings Card with a Blue Background and a Christmas Tree made from Lights.

  • H1507

    Card # H1507

    A Holiday Card with a Light Blue Background and a Message of Warm Wishes on the Front.

  • H1508

    Card # H1508

    A Season's Greetings Card with a Wood Grain Background and a Small Red Christmas Tree.

  • H1509

    Card # H1509

    A Season's Greetings Card with an Image of Snow Covered Pine Trees.

  • H6001

    Card # H6001

    "Bulb in Pinstripe". Handsome black and grey stripes with a shining red ornament. Season's Greetings.

  • H7042

    Card # H7042

    "Crimson Bow". Happy Holidays wrapped in a silky red ribbon.

  • H7043

    Card # H7043

    A Season's Greetings Card with an Image of Ornaments handing from an Outdoor Christmas Tree.

  • H7044

    Card # H7044

    A Joyous Season Card with an Image of Footprints in the Snow.

  • H9005

    Card # H9005

    A Season's Greetings Card with a Blue Background and an Image of a Tree during a Snow Fall.

  • H6031

    Card # H6031

    A Season's Greetings Card with an Image of a Small Town during the Holiday Season.

  • H9008

    Card # H9008

    A Season's Greetings Card with Red and Gold Coloring.

  • H8011

    Card # H8011

    A Holiday Card with a Message of Peace and Blessings and Images of a Pine Cone, Bulb and Winter Scene.

  • H6028

    Card # H6028

    A Season's Greetings Card with an Image of a Christmas Tree Branch.


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                                                Holiday Greeting Cards for Smart Business

Business holiday greeting cards are the perfect way to recognize your clients and employees.  During such a joyous season, sending a card will not only wish happy holidays to your clients, but also thank them for their loyalty and patronage to your company. CEO Cards has cards that can accommodate your company needs throughout any holiday celebration.

Business Christmas greeting cards send a warm and meaningful greeting to your clients in the midst of a cold season.  Our greeting cards carry an assortment of winter wonderlands and the merry scenes of the holiday season.  A great way to engage a new professional relationship is to send a customized card with a special saying for your season's greetings.  In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, take a moment to recognize your clients; they are sure to appreciate your kind thoughts and the time you spent to send them a card.

Employee cards are a special way to recognize your employees for all of their hard work throughout the year.  Sending a merry message to your employees during a busy season can send holiday cheer through your whole office. 
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